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Earthquake is not a compulsorily insured natural hazard event in Switzerland. Earthquake insurance therefore closes a serious coverage gap in the insurance market in Switzerland.

All direct and indirect damage as well as any consequential damage (e.g. fire) resulting from an earthquake must be insured by means of special earthquake insurance. Due to their capacities, the covers mentioned below are not able to cover the damage in the event of a major event.

Earthquake pool of the monopoly institutions (cantonal building insurers), 2 Mio. 
Zurich cantonal building insurance, 1 Mio.

With Helvetia, we can offer you an attractive Swiss solution for this coverage gap that threatens your existence. The comprehensive scope of cover can be determined individually. Modern insurance contracts without long-term commitment.


 Scope of cover

  • Building (value according to fire insurance) 
  • Furnishings / household effects (value according to fire insurance) 
  • Loss of rental income for 3 years
  • Business interruption and additional costs 
  • Special items and costs (comprehensive benefits package with many additional coverages) 

Insured events

  • Earthquake incl. consequential fire and water damage (without minimum strength, i.e. all earthquake damage is insured irrespective of the strength and impact).
  • Loss (plundering)

After evaluating various offers in the private insurance market, the Swiss Homeowners’ Association (HEV Schweiz) decided in 2004 on the product and 2021 for the cooperation with versicherungen as a tied agent for Helvetia. A discount of 5% is granted to HEV members.

Information about earthquake insurance

In the event of a catastrophe, Helvetia takes over the professional handling of the claims. The sum insured is contractually guaranteed. Unlike other well-known Swiss insurance companies, Helvetia indemnifies up to the agreed sum insured; regardless of the total amount of damage.